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AngularJS support has officially ended as of January See what ending support means and read the end of life announcement. Visit angular. For the purposes of backward compatibility, the previous symbols are aliased to their new symbol.

This release contains a breaking change to resolve a security issue which was discovered by Krzysztof Kotowicz koto ; and independently by Esben Sparre Andreasen esbena while performing a Variant Analysis of CVE which itself was found and reported by Masato Kinugawa masatokinugawa.

Instead it will leave them as-is. If you must have this functionality and understand the risk involved then it is posible to restore the original behavior by calling. Основываясь на этих данных you should adjust your code for this change and remove your use of this function as soon as possible. Note that this only patches jqLite.

If you use jQuery 3. In order to avoid unnecessary pain for developers, this release reverts the removal of the private API and restores compatibility of the aforementioned libraries with the latest AngularJS. Here are the full changes for the release of 1. Before this commit removeData invoked on an element removed its event handlers as well. If you want to trigger a full cleanup of an нажмите чтобы увидеть больше, change:. In most cases, though, cleaning up after an element is supposed to be done only when it’s removed from the DOM as well; in such cases the following:.

Therefore, you should try to use the promises whenever possible. Finally, if you are using success or error callbacks with response interceptors, the callbacks will now always run after the interceptors and wait for them to resolve in case they return a promise.

Previously, the error callback was called before the responseError interceptor affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free the success callback was synchronously called after the response interceptor. This is not expected to affect applications at runtime, since the overall operation is asynchronous already, but may affect assertions in tests. Previously it would return the content of the response directly. In practice this should not affect any apps, as it is unlikely that they rely on the template being different in the first and subsequent calls.

Previously it would resolve the promise as if the animation had ended successfully. To migrate, add a catch handler to your animation runners. Previously, angular. Therefore, affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free that prototypally inherit from Array where not considered arrays.

Now such objects are considered arrays too. This change affects several other methods that use angular. This in turn affects how dirty checking treats objects that prototypally inherit from Array e. MobX observable arrays. AngularJS will now be able to handle these objects better when copying or watching.

If you use attrs. This is in line with other programmatic operations, such as writing to the innerHTML of an element. If you are programmatically writing URL values to attributes from untrusted input then you must sanitize it yourself. To migrate, compute the trusted value only when the input value changes:. When using orderBy to sort arrays containing null values, the null values will be considered “greater than” all other values, except for undefined.

Previously, they were sorted as strings. This will result in different but more intuitive sorting order. The angular scenario runner end-to-end test framework has been removed from the project and will no longer be available on npm or bower starting with 1. It was deprecated and removed from the documentation in больше на странице Applications that still use it should migrate to Protractor.

Technically, it should also be possible to continue using an older version of the scenario runner, as the underlying APIs have not changed. However, we do not guarantee future compatibility. Previously, it was only set on “parentform”. Affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free change was introduced because mixing form and ngForm does not create logically separate forms, but rather something like input groups.

Therefore, child forms should inherit the submission state from their parent form. This can affect apps that test for the presence of aria attributes on hidden inputs.

To migrate, remove these assertions. In actual apps, this should not have a user-facing effect, as the previous behavior was incorrect, and the new behavior is correct for accessibility. Custom parsers that fail to parse on free 2007 convert office 2003 microsoft powerpoint to types “email”, “url”, “number”, “date”, “month”, “time”, “datetime-local”, “week”, do no longer set ngModelController.

Also, custom parsers on input type “range” do no longer set ngModelController. Instead, any custom parsers on these inputs set affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free. This change was made to make distinguishing errors from built-in parsers and custom parsers easier. Previously, affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free also applied to other update triggers defined in ‘updateOn’ that did адрес страницы have affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free corresponding key in the ‘debounce’.

Most apps should not be affected, as “change” is automatically fired by browsers after “click” happens. After this change, they are called before the input is updated, and can call event. If an app uses a click event listener that expects ngModel to be updated when it is called, it now needs to register a change event listener instead.

The change event might not be fired when the приведенная ссылка element is not affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free to the document.

This can happen in tests that compile input elements and trigger click events on them. Depending on the browser Chrome and Safari and the trigger method, the change event will not be fired when the input isn’t attached to the document. Previously the use of deep watch by ng-style would trigger styles to be re-applied when nested state changed. Now only changes to direct properties of the watched object will trigger changes.

The bindings are now no longer available in the constructor. Afterwards, migrating to AngularJS 1. The instructions on how to do that are available in the “Migrating from 1. To fix this you need to ensure that the values used for binding to the affected xlink:href contexts are considered safe URLs, e.

This also affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free a new but equal value for a would NOT trigger such a change. In this context inputs are the non-constant parts of the literal. In the example above the input would be a. Changes are only triggered when the inputs to the affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free change. By default, it will break unless baseUrl is of the same origin as the application document.

Or use string concatenation in the interpolation expression not recommended except for the simplest of cases :. If you have included ngTouch v1.

Otherwise you must remove жмите сюда to the provider and service. The ngClick override directive had been deprecated and by default disabled since v1. In modern browsers, it should not be necessary to use a touch override library:. The helper functions angular. These functions have been deprecated since 1. They are internally used, but should not be exposed as they contain special locale handling for Turkish to maintain internal consistency regardless of user-set locale.

The option to instantiate controllers from constructors on the global window object has been removed. This behavior had been deprecated since AngularJS v1. Now the entries in oldValues will always equal the newValues of the previous call of the listener. This means comparing the entries in newValues and oldValues can be нажмите чтобы прочитать больше to determine which individual expressions changed.

This also makes the oldValue of one-time watchers more clear. Previously the oldValue of a one-time watcher would remain undefined forever. Where now the oldValue will always equal the previous newValue affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free. Previously, it would silently do nothing. In AngularJS 1. If you don’t have time to migrate the code affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free the moment, you can flip the setting back to true:. Don’t do this if you’re writing a library, though, as you shouldn’t change global configuration then.

When using input[radio], the checked status is now determined by doing a strict comparison between the value of the input and the ngModel. The migration strategy is to convert values that matched with non-strict affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free so that they will match with strict conversion. You must now read options via the ngModelController. This does not affect the usage in templates and only affects custom directives that might have been reading options for their own purposes.

One benefit of these changes, though, is that the ngModelControler. Previously, keys passed to the data method were left untouched. Now they are internally camelCased similarly to how jQuery handles it, i. This means keys a-b and aB represent the same data piece; writing to one of affinity designer 1.7.3 release notes free will also be reflected if you ask for смогу microsoft office professional plus 2013 mak product key free other one.

If you use Angular with jQuery, it already behaved in this way so no changes are required on your part. Before, when Angular was used without jQuery, the key passed to the css method was more heavily camelCased; now only a single!



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