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Please see the Microsoft Teams Glossary — Applicable policies and Office usage recommendations webpage. If you have explored the FAQ pages and technical support links and still cannot find the answers you are looking for, please see the ITS Service Desk webpage to submit a support request. Email: servicedesk rrc. You can view each help topic in this document or click a specific topic below: How do I turn on the new meeting experience?

How do I access Microsoft Teams? How do I navigate Microsoft Teams? Can I use Teams without being a member of a team? How do I request a team? What is the role of a team member? How do I log out of Microsoft Teams? How many members can I have on a team? Which browsers does Microsoft Teams support? Is Microsoft Office accessible? How many channels can I create? What are the different conversation types? What is the difference between Chat and Teams? How do I add someone to a private chat?

How do I send a private chat? How do I make a call? How do I adjust my voicemail settings? How do I know which conversations include me? How can I set up a meeting? What can I customize in Microsoft Teams? How can I switch the view of my teams?

Where can I find policies that apply to Teams? Where can I find more information about Teams? How can I receive additional technical assistance? How do I turn on the new meeting experience? On the Settings window, on the General tab, scroll down to Application , and then select the Turn on new meeting experience check box. Restart your computer. Desktop version Visit the Microsoft Teams — Downloads webpage to download Teams directly on to your desktop.

To create a unique team name that identifies and differentiates your team from others within a department and throughout the College, your request must include the following information: Budget Code: Enter the budget code for your department. NOTE: There will be a number next to the name of a channel whenever someone mentions you. When adding a new participant to a group chat, you can keep all of the chat history, the history based on a specific number of days, or include no chat history at all.

Remember though, you currently cannot schedule meetings in a private channel. You can now set up a calendar per channel, making it easier to manage events.

This option is not available for guests, so you will to invite them directly. External people cannot view any content in a channel unless they are members of that team or channel. Within that team site, channels can then be created for the various internal divisions — such as Maintenance, Traffic, Security, Access Control, etc.

One general team; multiple sub-team sites which then include their own internal channels. Such information could include news on projects, upcoming events, and other news. Further, each division can then create its own team. For example, a Traffic team to cover all traffic-related staff, and a Maintenance team to cover all maintenance staff.

These teams can then create different channels to cover sub-sections: for example, within the Maintenance team, there could be Upper Campus maintenance; Middle Campus maintenance; and Hiddingh Campus maintenance. However, if you discuss sensitive and confidential information, then make the channel private — limiting access to those who should be privy to this information.

You just won’t be able to schedule meetings in a private channel as this functionality is not available as yet. If you are able to have a face-to-face meeting, then you can just schedule the meeting as normal via Outlook. However, if face-to-face is not possible, then you can still set up a meeting either via Outlook or directly in Microsoft Teams — without having to create a dedicated team or channel.

Each meeting has its own chat functionality, shared files, recording if the meeting was recorded , meeting notes, etc. Only those who were invited to the meeting would be able to access this information.

If the meeting was scheduled via Outlook or via the calendar in Teams, they can still access the meeting chat but not recordings. Yes, it is. You can create a team and only invite meeting participants.

You can store all documentation related to the meeting in the files section and collaboratively work on documentation during and after meetings. The chat functionality also allows you to discuss matters during and after the meeting, as well as share links to additional resources. If they are not a member, you will need to share the file via another platform.

Microsoft has changed the way that Teams meeting recordings are saved. Standard meeting recordings are now saved on OneDrive for Business while channel meeting recordings are saved on SharePoint. Meeting recordings that are saved on Microsoft Stream are not impacted and can continue to be accessed after the change.

Standard meetings are scheduled and ad-hoc meetings that are set up via Outlook or theTeams calendar using the Meet now or New meeting features. The individual who clicks the Start recording button in a meeting automatically becomes the recording owner and has full rights.

For this reason, we recommend that the meeting organiser starts the recording, as this will make it easier to manage afterwards. If one of the meeting attendees starts the recording, they have full rights while the meeting organiser only has editing and sharing rights. It is accessible on the top folder level. Follow these instructions to download and install OneDrive for Business. All other attendees have view access only. A link is automatically shared with these attendees. External parties do not have access to recordings.

The meeting recorder or organiser therefore need to give them access. The individual who started the recording has editing rights. Recordings are saved in the Teams site documentation library.

The folder is called Recordings and is accessible under Documents in SharePoint. Call recordings are saved in the chat window as well as in the OneDrive folder of the individual who started the recording.

The recording owner will be able to share the recording, as necessary. Yes, the meeting organiser can now decide if they would like the meeting chat enabled or disabled during meetings. You first need to add the guest as a team member. Thereafter they can follow these instructions to get access. Follow these step-by-step instructions to select your preferred background and to see what UCT background options are available.

Click the hand icon and everyone in the meeting will see you want to say something. You can either access this feature via the meeting controls bar or use these shortcuts:. Where more than one person has their hand raised, click Show participants to see the order of who clicked this option first. You can also express yourself via live reactions. You can now set your audio and video settings when joining a meeting. Select whether you would like to stick to the default, which is your computers speakers, as well as using a meeting room, mobile device, or simply disable your audio.

A video preview appears on the left, where you also have to option to turn on background effects. Click the cogwheel icon under the video preview to view device settings and find an alternative mic and camera. If meeting organisers prefer that attendees don’t switch on their video cameras during meetings, they can set this via Meeting options before the meeting.

Open the meeting invitation click the Meeting option tabs. You can then turn off Allow camera for attendees.


Microsoft teams video conferencing faq

Jul 26,  · Option #1: By default, if the meeting organizer and all participants are joining a meeting using a phone, the meeting organizer needs to input her Audio Conferencing PIN to start it. Callers get asked if they want to authenticate as the organizer of a given meeting when they dial the phone number of an online meeting. Sep 27,  · After you’ve created or selected the time that you’d like to speak with, you can start your first video conference. On Desktop: Microsoft Teams gives you the option to start a conference instantaneously or schedule one in advance. To start a meeting immediately, click directly on the “Meet” button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Training: Watch these videos to help your school, work, or organization use Microsoft Teams to video conference, work remotely, and become proficient using Teams.


Microsoft teams video conferencing faq


Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. The following are some of the top questions we get from our customers who want to use Audio Conferencing.

Calling in to meetings is beneficial when people are on the road, for example, and can’t attend a meeting using the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app on their laptop or mobile devices. But there are other scenarios in which using a phone to attend a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meeting can be a better option than using an app on a computer:. Anyone who has the dial-in number and conference ID can join a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meeting, unless the meeting organizer has locked the meeting.

Whether you’re calling in using a phone or the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams apps, you’ll be able to hear everyone else on the call, and they can hear you. The meeting organizer has the ability to “mute” meeting attendees if they don’t want to hear them. For a list of the numbers that are available, see Country and region availability for Audio Conferencing and Calling Plans.

There are local dial-in numbers that are assigned to you when you purchase the licenses for Audio Conferencing. The dial-in numbers will be included in the meeting invite.

These local numbers will be only available to your organization. The phone assigned to your organization and that number is shared by the users within that organization that are enabled for Audio Conferencing. Local dial-in numbers, and also in some cases international dial-in numbers from the country where your organization is located, will be included on the meeting invite.

If a meeting attendee uses a different number that is included in the invite, it will be a shared phone number. If phone numbers for Audio Conferencing aren’t available in your area or don’t meet the needs of your organization, send us feedback at SkypeFeedback forums.

The maximum length of time depends on who is in the meeting and the type of authentication they used to join the meeting. See Limits and Specifications for total number of attendees allowed in meetings. To find out about meeting limits, see Skype for Business Online Limits. We added a new feature that allows you, the admin , to send and update Audio Conferencing information and PIN in email.

To learn more about it, including how to disable it, see Enable or disable sending emails when Audio Conferencing settings change in Microsoft Teams or Enable or disable sending emails when Audio Conferencing settings change in Skype for Business Online. Users can’t reserve or set a static conference ID that only they can use. There isn’t support currently for users enabled for Audio Conferencing to join a Skype Meeting Broadcast.

If there are issues with Audio Conferencing, an administrator for an organization can contact Microsoft support for Office Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams users can find the conference ID that is assigned to them by scheduling a meeting in Outlook and Outlook on the web.

Also, users can find the conference ID in the email that will be sent to them after they are set up. Users won’t be able to reset their conference ID. The conference ID can only be reset by you, the admin , for the organization. We are working on a solution that will let the user access and reset a conference ID without help from an organization’s admin. Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams users can find the PIN in an email that will be sent to them once they are set up.

Teams users can change their pin. There is a link at the bottom of the meeting invite to reset their pin. We are working on a solution that will let the user access and reset a PIN without help from an organization’s administrator. Yes, attendees can dial out internationally and invite other callers into a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meeting. See Dialing out from a Microsoft Teams meeting so other people can join it or Dialing out from a Skype for Business Online meeting so other people can join it.

When a user is assigned an Audio Conferencing license and the user creates a new Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams meeting in Outlook or Outlook on the web, the dial-in phone numbers and conferencing IDs are added automatically to the meeting invite. Scheduling a meeting that will be joined by all attendees using a phone to dial in is not different from scheduling a regular online meeting. However, there are two ways to start a meeting on which all of the participants use a phone to dial in:.

Option 1 : By default, if the meeting organizer and all participants are joining a meeting using a phone, the meeting organizer needs to input her Audio Conferencing PIN to start it. Callers get asked if they want to authenticate as the organizer of a given meeting when they dial the phone number of an online meeting.

All participants that join the meeting via dial-in before the organizer starts will be placed in the lobby and will listen to music on hold. For Skype for Business meetings, once the organizer starts it by inputting his or her Audio Conferencing PIN, all participants in the lobby will automatically join the meeting. For Microsoft Teams meetings, the participants will join the meeting according to the value of the automatically admit people setting in the organizer’s meeting policy.

If the setting is enabled for a given organizer, then all meetings scheduled by that organizer can be started before the organizer inputs the Audio Conferencing PIN.

When this setting is enabled, the meeting will start as soon as the first participant joins it via a dial-in phone number, and the first participant won’t be put in the lobby. Set up Skype for Business Online. Phone numbers for Audio Conferencing in Microsoft Teams.

Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Note Users won’t be able to reset their conference ID. Note Teams users can change their pin. Submit and view feedback for This product This page. View all page feedback. In this article. Users have joined using the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app or have dialed in to the meeting. The meeting ends if there are no changes to the attendee list after 24 hours.

All of the users are dialed in to the meeting but someone has used a PIN to enter the meeting. All of the users are dialed in to the meeting but there wasn’t anyone who used a PIN to enter the meeting.

If anonymous users are allowed to start meetings, the meeting ends after four hours. If anonymous users aren’t allowed to start meetings and all authenticated participants have left the meeting, the meeting ends 90 minutes after the last authenticated participant left.


Microsoft teams video conferencing faq.How to Use Microsoft Teams Video Conference


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How your phone number or email address is used. Microsoft will use your phone number or email address only for this one-time transaction. Standard SMS rates may apply. Find the right Microsoft Teams plan for your needs Microsoft Teams is designed for everyone.

Microsoft Teams free. Free Microsoft Teams free Free. Learn more. Unlimited one-to-one meetings for up to 30 hours long Unlimited group meetings for up to 60 minutes Up to participants per meeting 5 GB of cloud storage per user Unlimited chat with coworkers and customers File sharing, tasks, and polling Data encryption for meetings, chats, calls, and files.

Office apps and services. Most popular. Microsoft Teams Essentials. Buy now. Everything in the free version, plus: Unlimited group meetings for up to 30 hours Up to participants per meeting 10 GB of cloud storage per user Anytime phone and web support. Microsoft Business Basic. Try free for one month 2. Everything listed in Microsoft Teams Essentials, plus: Team meetings recordings with transcripts Web and mobile versions of Office apps 3 Expanded cloud storage of 1 TB per user Business-class email Standard security.

Microsoft Business Standard. Everything listed in Microsoft Business Basic, plus: Desktop versions of Office apps with premium features Webinar hosting Attendee registration and reporting tools Manage customer appointments. Expand all Collapse all. Teams features by platform. Teams forum. Sign in. For admins and IT pros. Manage notifications. Change app settings. Explore the Activity feed. Get together virtually—anytime and anywhere—with a video conference.

Host your video conference in a virtual shared space. Video conferencing makes connecting virtually almost as much fun as being there. Video conferencing is an online meeting between two or more participants that provides video, as well as audio, input and output. Video conferencing enables real-time collaboration, increases productivity, saves time, and helps people who are working remote feel less isolated and more engaged.

Some video conferencing software even allows people to blur or change their background to add privacy without losing the ability to connect face to face. Remote work and working from home have increased dramatically so being able to communicate and collaborate in real time with a video conference fosters productivity, participation, and morale.

There are many benefits to using a software application app developed specifically for real-time online collaboration such as video conferencing in addition to other capabilities including file sharing and calendaring. Participating in a video conference call is easy. You just need a device with a camera, a microphone, and a video conference app such as Microsoft Teams. Learn more from a guide to hybrid and remote meetings.

Available on desktop only. Unlimited one-on-one meetings that last up to 30 hours. On Microsoft Teams. Learn more. Video conferencing Meet, collaborate, and work securely from anywhere with Microsoft Teams. Sign up for free. Sign in. Enable flexible work with hybrid meetings Work from anywhere and collaborate in the flow of work with video conferencing in Teams. Let’s create the perfect solution to fit your needs.

To speak to someone in sales please call To create an account using a desktop computer , visit the Microsoft Teams webpage. Microsoft will send you an email with a link to verify your account.

To create an account using a mobile device, you can also sign up on the Microsoft Teams website. However, you also have the option of signing up in the Microsoft Teams app.

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