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Call Activity Status: Number of calls attempted and number of calls completed for each Unified Communications Manager, each gateway, trunk, and overall cluster if applicable. My GK. After the first one is installed, however, the next instance is prompting that RTMT If you have a Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. However, support apparently wants info from the Real Time monitor. To add multiple email addresses, add the mail ids separated by comma. How often to generate alert when alert condition persists.

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager. RTMT saves user preferences and downloaded module jar files locally on the client machine. The system saves user-created profiles in the database, so you can access these items in Unified RTMT after you upgrade the tool.

Before you upgrade to a newer version of RTMT, Cisco recommends that you uninstall the previous version. The default setting is for secure connections. If firewall is disabled, specify the port as If your system uses port mapping and all nodes do not map to the same port number, then some Unified RTMT tools cannot connect to those nodes.

If you uncheck the Secure Connection check box, you must manually change the port to If the authentication fails or if the node is unreachable, the tool prompts you to reenter the node and authentication details, or you can click the Cancel button to exit the application.

After the authentication succeeds, Unified RTMT launches the monitoring module from local cache or from a remote node, when the local cache does not contain a monitoring module that matches the back-end version.

If you sign in using the single sign-on feature, Unified RTMT prompts once for a username and password after you click any one of the following menus:. A single copy of Unified RTMT that is installed on your computer lets you monitor more than one server or more than one cluster at a time. For example, you can monitor all of the following entities:. A Cisco Unified Communications Manager product on one node. An IM and Presence Service on one node.

To monitor a product on a different node, you must use a new instance of Unified RTMT that is installed. Multiple copies of Unified RTMT that are installed on your computer let you simultaneously monitor multiple IM and Presence Services that are installed on different nodes. Because installing another copy of Unified RTMT overwrites the shortcut icon, you should complete the following tasks:. Create another icon by creating a shortcut to jrtmt. If the installation detects another version in the selected folder, a message displays.

To continue the installation, install the version in a different folder. Menu bar : the menu bar includes some or all of the following options, depending on your configuration:. You can use the Cisco Unified Reporting application to snapshot cluster data for inspection or troubleshooting.

Allows you to monitor system summary, monitor server resources, work with performance counters, work with alerts, collect traces, and view syslog messages. Allows you to view Cisco Unified Communications Manager summary information on the server; monitor call-processing information; and view and search for devices, monitor services, and CTI.

Allows you monitor server and network activity of the Cisco Intercompany Media Engine server. Allows you to configure categories for table format view , set the polling rate for devices and performance monitoring counters, hide the quick launch channel, and edit the trace setting for RTMT. Depending on your configuration, allows you to browse the applicable web pages for administration interfaces, Cisco Unified Serviceability , and Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability. Quick Launch channel : Pane that displays information about the server or information about the applications.

The tab contains groups of icons that you can click to monitor various objects. Monitor pane : Pane where monitoring results are displayed. The counters contain simple, useful information about the system and devices on the system, such as number of registered phones, number of active calls, number of available conference bridge resources, and voice messaging port usage.

You can monitor the performance of the components of the system and the components for the application on the system by choosing the counters for any object by using the Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool. The counters for each object display when the folder expands. RTMT integrates with existing software for performance monitoring:. RTMT provides alert notifications for troubleshooting performance. It also periodically polls performance counter to display data for that counter.

You can choose to display perfmon counters in a chart or table format. Performance monitoring allows you to perform the following tasks:. Continuously monitor a set of preconfigured objects and receive notification in the form of an email message. Associate counter threshold settings to alert notification. An email or popup message provides notification to the administrator.

Save and restore settings, such as counters that are being monitored, threshold settings, and alert notifications, for customized troubleshooting tasks. Display up to six perfmon counters in one chart for performance comparisons. The Real-Time Monitoring Tool provides a set of default monitoring objects that help you to monitor the health of the system. Default objects include performance counters or critical event status for the system and other supported services.

The system summary in Unified RTMT allows you to monitor important common information in a single monitoring pane. In system summary, you can view information about the following predefined objects:.

The Server category monitors CPU and memory usage, processes, disk space usage, and critical services for the different applications on the server. The percentage of CPU equals the total time that is spent executing in all the different modes and operations excluding the Idle time.

The Process monitor provides information about the processes that are running on the system. The Disk Usage monitoring category charts the percentage of disk usage for the common and swap partitions. If more than one logical disk drive is available in your system, the system stores CTI Manager traces in the spare partition on the first logical disk and Cisco CallManager traces on the second logical disk. The Critical Services monitoring category provides the name of the critical service, the status whether the service is up, down, activated, stopped by the administrator, starting, stopping, or in an unknown state , and the elapsed time during which the services are up and running on the system.

The service currently exists in start mode, as indicated in the Critical Services pane and in Control Center in Cisco Unified Serviceability. The service currently remains stopped, as indicated in the Critical Services pane and in Control Center in Cisco Unified Serviceability.

The service stopped running unexpectedly; that is, you did not perform a task that stopped the service. The Critical Services pane indicates that the service is down. The CriticalServiceDown alert is generated when the service status equals down.

You performed a task that intentionally stopped the service; for example, the service stopped because you backed up or restored your system, performed an upgrade, or stopped the service in Cisco Unified Serviceability or the CLI. The service does not exist in a currently activated status, as indicated in the Critical Services pane and in Service Activation in Cisco Unified Serviceability.

The system cannot determine the state of the service, as indicated in the Critical Services pane. RTMT contains ready-to-view, predefined performance counters. You can also select and add counters to monitor in RTMT using performance queries.

RTMT displays performance counters in chart or table format. Chart format presents a miniature window of information. You can display a particular counter by double-clicking the counter in the perfmon monitoring pane. Attributes for predefined performance counters, such as format and category, remain fixed. You can define attributes for counters that you configure in RTMT. Because chart view represents the default, you can configure the performance counters to display in table format when you create a category.

A category comprises a group of monitored performance counters. A tab in the RTMT monitoring pane contains the category name. All performance counters that are monitored in this tab belong to a category. The system polls the performance counters in the tab at the same rate, with each category configured to have its own polling rate.

You can create custom categories in the RTMT monitoring pane to view information that helps you troubleshoot specific performance, system, or device problems. If your system is experiencing performance problems with specific objects, create custom categories to monitor the performance of the counters within the object.

If the system is experiencing problems with specific devices, create custom categories to monitor the devices in your system. In addition, you can create alert notifications for counters and gateways in these custom categories. To create custom categories, you add a new category tab. When the tab is created, you specify the specific performance counters, devices, and alerts within that tab and then save your custom category by using Profile.

The application polls the counters, devices, and gateway ports to gather status information. The polling rate in each precanned monitoring window remains fixed, and the default value specifies 30 seconds. If the collecting rate for the AMC Alert Manager and Collector service parameter changes, the polling rate in the precanned window also updates.

In addition, the local time of the RTMT client application and not the backend server time, provides the basis for the time stamp in each chart. In the RTMT monitoring pane, you configure the polling intervals for the applicable performance counters, devices, and gateway ports for each category tab that you create. High-frequency polling rate affects the performance on the server. The minimum polling rate for monitoring a performance counter in chart view equals 5 seconds; the minimum rate for monitoring a performance counter in table view equals 1 second.

The default for both specifies 10 seconds. To get a closer look at perfmon counters, you can zoom in on a perfmon monitor counter in the RTMT. Drag the mouse over the plot area in the counter to frame the data and release the mouse button. The counter zooms in the chart. Double-click the counter that you want to zoom.

The box with the counter appears highlighted and the Zoom window launches. The minimum, maximum, average, and last fields show the values for the counter since the monitoring began for the counter.

Click the counter to select the counter to zoom. The box with the counter appears highlighted. The Zoom window launches. The highlight feature helps to distinguish hosts and counters when multiple nodes or counters display on color-coded graphs.

Right-click any color code in the table below the chart in the Performance Log Viewer and choose Highlight to highlight the data series for that counter.


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This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Rename the icon accordingly. If the installation detects another version in the selected folder, a message displays. To support the RTMT client, there are a number of services that needs to be active and running on the server.

Cisco Unified Presence automatically assigns the first node as the Primary Collector. Then, select the server and the Cisco AMC service. For information about these service parameters, click the? Do not stop this service unless you suspect that this service is using too many resources, such as CPU time. If you stop this service on a server, you cannot collect or view traces on that server.

Cisco AMC Service automatically starts up after installation. For RTMT to continue to retrieve information when the primary collector fails, you must configure a subsequent node as the failover collector in Cisco Unified Presence Administration. Step 4 Enter the CCMAdministrator application user password that you established for the username in the Password field. Step 5 Enter the port that the application will use to listen to the server. The default setting equals Step 6 Check Secure Connection.

Step 7 Click OK. Step 8 Click Yes to add the certificate store. The tab contain groups of icons that you can click on to monitor various objects. It logs preconfigured monitoring objects information while Alert Manager, also automatically installed, logs alert histories into log files. The system also records important perfmon object values in performance log files. If the primary collector or manager fails for any reason, the secondary collector and manager perform the tasks until primary support becomes available.

After installing the plug-in, you can access the application in the RTMT viewer. This involves:. Step 2 Perform the following actions when the Login Prompt displays:. Enter your Cisco. Click OK. Step 3 Download the file to your PC. Step 4 Double-click the download file to begin the installation. Step 5 Follow the installation instructions. Step 1 Perform one of the following actions:. Click the Tools tab and the Plugins tab in the Quick Launch Channel; and then click the icon of the application in which you are interested.

Step 2 Select the plug-in that you want to launch. When you use RTMT, it saves user preferences and the module jar files the cache locally on the client computer. The system also saves the cache in the server database. When you uninstall RTMT, you select whether to delete or save the cache. Step 2 Finish uninstalling the plug-in.


Using the Cisco Real-Time Monitoring Tool for CUCM Performance Monitoring – Table Of Contents


Click here to Download. I been trying to install RTMT in this new laptop and no matter what workaround I use the result is always the same:. This is Java itself having an issue with memory size. One option is to uninstall and re-install JRE, which I have done with success. Someone once sent me instructions about setting a bigger smaller? Here is a link to that set of instructions. Cisco rtmt download windows 10 you for the info, let me try to un-install and reinstall of JRE.

Hope that can fix my issue. I will keep u posted. I followed this recommendation and it worked. Use the setting. The heap size is the amount of memory allocated for the java cisco rtmt download windows 10. Having it to small will create problems so play with the value cisco rtmt download windows 10 a lab machine cisco rtmt download windows 10 in a lab. Also the messages file on the system will sometimes give a indication of an issue with the heap.

You will see the application restart is quite common. Find answers to your questions by entering keywords or phrases in the Search bar above. New here? Use these resources to familiarize yourself with the community:. Welcome to the new Cisco Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. All Community This category This board. Start a conversation. RTMT plugging in Windows 10 x64 cannot install. I been trying to install RTMT in this new laptop and no matter what workaround I use the result is always the same: Error: Could not create the java virtual machine. Error: Afatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. The LT is running Windows 10 and 64bits. Do u guys know about any solution for this issue? Labels: Labels: Unified Communications.

Preview file. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Maren Mahoney. VIP Advocate. In response to Maren Mahoney. Thank you for the info. Joe Price Beginner. In response to Joe Price.

If you want to be a pal, please mark my answer as Helpful! I just saw your post and thought i chip in my 2 cents about what you are not sure cisco rtmt download windows 10. Malcolm Marcy Beginner. Then I searched again and found this bug:.

Installed that, and poof, THAT fixed it for me. Able to install RTMT. Your browser is incompatible with this site. Upgrade to a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to experience this site. It is available for both Windows- and Linux-based PCs or cieco.

New features may be added to RTMT as new versions of applications evolve. These provide you with a snapshot of your environment right out of the box without creating any customized views. However, in many cases, you may wish to create your own customized views of a variety of performance monitors. Not only that, you also might wish to create different views for different servers and applications in your environment.

You can achieve this by creating your own personalized profiles, which can be saved for future use. Cisco real time monitoring tool windows 10 can switch between profiles during a single Cico привожу ссылку, or you can open a profile during future access cisco rtmt download windows 10 see a monitoriny view of performance counters each time you log in.

To create a personalized profile, open the desired performance monitors and then cisco rtmt download windows 10 the following steps:. Step 3: In the Configuration name field, enter a name for this particular configuration profile. Step 4: In the Configuration description field, enter a description of this particular configuration profile. You can enter any name and description you want into the profile configuration windows.

Performance monitoring allows you to: Monitor performance counters for all the servers in cisco rtmt download windows 10 cluster. Continuously monitor a set monitorong preconfigured objects with the option to receive email notifications. Define counter threshold settings and alert notifications.

Alarm cisco real time monitoring tool windows 10 performance monitoring continues in the background even after you close your desktop application. There are many performance monitors available. One of the uses of these counters might be to alert an administrator when a resource such as a transcoder has been exhausted or has reached a critical threshold.

Cieco use might be to verify that all phones have successfully registered to CUCM. My GK. Access MyGK. Date: July 10, Author: Berni Cisco rtmt download windows 10.

The Preferences dialog box displays. Step 2: Click Save. The Save Current Configuration dialog box displays. At this point, you have created your new profile. Step 2: Click the profile that you want to restore. Step 3: Click Restore. Figure shows an Applications menu example.

Directory server connection status and replication status get checked when an alert is pending. Step 3 Click Delete. The active directory contains the log files for the current installed version of the software Unified Communications Manager or Cisco Unity Connectionand the inactive directory contains the log files for the previous installed version of the software.

Witryna internetowa. Click here to Download I been trying to install RTMT in this new laptop and no matter what workaround I use the result is always the same:. Good luck! Post Reply. Getting Started. Quick Links. Knowledge Articles. Cisco real time monitoring tool windows Kategorie Bez kategorii blog get.

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