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Vegas Pro (and Movie Studio) render everything with wrong levels.

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If you type “Proxy Editing” into the search box for this forum or the Vegas Pro video forum you’ll have plenty to research and read over. Click each version of Microsoft.


How to Speed Up Rendering Times using Sony Vegas & Movie Studio.Zen Tip # How To Troubleshoot Problems with Sony Vegas


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Create an account. When you purchase through links on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Start Prev 1 2 Next End 1 2. However rendering keeps failing after about 8 mins in. The progress bar and the preview pane freeze but the estimated time to completeion keeps counting down as the time elapsed counts up. I let it run through to the estimated time reached zero. Nothinh happened. I rebooted and tried again- same result.

Any thoughts, please? Last Edit: 22 May by Brian. Thanks: Hi Brian What is located in that exact part of the project on the Vegas timeline? What type of video is located here? Where did it come from? A Video Effect you have applied 2. Type of video you have added to project 3. When it happened to myself recently, it ended up being the type of video I had used, that had been encoded with a non-standard format – it was a video I had recorded with OBS screen capture program.

Regards Derek. Hi Derek, Thanks for your reply. I have not had this freezing problem before. Second, in the 4 attempts I have made to render this project, it has not always frozen at the same spot.

Each time though, the video was a m2ts file with ac-3 stereo. No video effects at those points. I have later in the project used some screen capture done with “Debut” and I have used that before with no problem.

However the rendering had not got to that part of the project. Third, I have not tried any other method as I do not sufficiently understand. Was this right or wrong?. It rendered but when completed I had trouble opening the file. I checked that the app was working by loading in a known file and that worked fine. I am attaching some screen shots of what I do. Image 3 is what I selected at your suggestion and image 4 is what comes up when rendering complete.

Thanks again. DErek, Hold the front page! See attached. I made an assumption that you were automatically using the advanced rendering options in the Render As window and not basic Make Movie interface. I don’t recommend anyone use the basic options in the Make Movie window to render their videos.

I just did some tests myself and it crashes every time – it’s probably a new bug caused by the recent patch to fix videos with 5. I have an in-depth written tutorial for how to render video with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17 here: www. Don’t be put off by the word “Internet HD”. This is the No. Read my tutorial on how to render video and they will teach you everything you need to know. Thank you Derek. I have saved your tutorial to my laptop so that I can refer to it regularly. I have learned a lot from what I have read so far.

REgards Brian. Sorry to be a pain. Also Project settings shows HD PAL is shown as 25fps. I have found that attempting to cancel rendering after a crash is almost impossible. Things used to be so simple when I got my first computer, a Commodore with two floppy disk drives, one for programme and the other for data. Memory was 32kI. I hope you can help. Intel graphics is a part of your CPU. What model Nvidia graphics card are you using and which Driver do you have installed?

I would also like to know which Intel CPU you have? If you don’t know your Intel model, go to Windows Start button – select Settings cog – System – About If your Nvidia graphics card is a really old model, that would explain why you are not seeing any Nvidia templates in the Render As window.

GPU acceleration in the latest versions of Vegas, only works with the latest Nvidia architecture. Rendering with the CPU only is normally the safest option! Yes it is slower, but it should be more stable. Last Edit: 24 May by DoctorZen. I attach 3 screenshots of my system details as you requested. It rendered quite quickly but when the estimated time reached zero, the elapsed time kept going as did the busy circle. Went to where the file had been saved and it was there but the last 40seconds or so were missing.

Is mp4 the best quality video? Project Settings Are your Source Videos 25fps or If you source videos are 25fps, you must set the Project Properties as 25fps!!!

If you source videos are If you get these settings mismatched, it will make your render times very, very slow – because Vegas will be trying to convert everything into a different frame rate. I do know that series , and are definitely compatible. Here are some experiments for you to try.

Updating both Nvidia and Intel drivers, may fix problem. Make sure your Nvidia GPU has the latest graphics drivers installed. Your Driver version is very old. I recommend installing the latest driver for your M If you are NOT a gamer on this computer, I recommend installing Studio Drivers , which are better for content creators. Select all the options you see below and then press Search. Download and install Driver. Make sure to select Custom install and when it says do you want to do a Clean Install , select that option.

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Sony vegas movie studio 11 rendering problems free

This is the folder where the final video will be saved. But there are some intermediate formats where HitFilm – while ignoring the full range flag – also stretches input levels though it shouldn’t do. For Windows 10 you can use this Windows Update Troubleshooter. It requires a lot of memory to work properly, so my guess is that you are running out of RAM. My plea was and always is more of a wish for Userability consistency over the two packages. What can I do? While there may be some differences in the interface of the Sony Vegas version you are employing, the settings and the parameters are the same.

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