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Microsoft office word 2007 test questions and answers free download. Microsoft Word 2007 Quiz: Would You Pass IT?

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Microsoft Word Quiz: Would You Pass IT? – ProProfs Quiz – What is a Microsoft Word test?


Microsoft Word is the easiest and quickest to learn how to operate. During computer training, one thing you should know by now is how to use it with speed. Do you believe you can tackle any quiz that comes to you on the topic? Take up this one and see if it is true. Search Speak now. Questions All questions 5 questions 6 questions 7 questions 8 questions 9 questions 10 questions 11 questions 12 questions 13 questions 14 questions 15 questions 16 questions 17 questions 18 questions 19 questions 20 questions 21 questions 22 questions 23 questions.

Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. Play as Quiz Flashcard. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. In a Mail Merge operation, which of the following might represent the main document? You left your glasses at home and you need to update an Word Document. What will you do? Increase the magnification by selecting an appropriate value from the Zoom Command. Becareful when you delete text from a document, because after you deleted or choose Cut, the data is gone and you cannot get it back.

The only way to change print margins for document is to enter the margins in the Page Set Up dialog box. Related Topics. More Microsoft Word Quizzes. Microsoft word quiz: tools and functions trivia!

This Microsoft tool is the go-to when one is learning how to use the keyboard. It helps one input data and images into tests. Do you know how to use the different features of this Questions: 10 Attempts: Last updated: Nov 19, Sample Question. You, yes you, if you’re here that means either you’re a student or an employee. If you’re a student and preparing for a computer exam, then look no further than this quiz. But if you’re an employee, then this Questions: 18 Attempts: Last updated: Jul 3, Word is in Overtype mode.

Microsoft word is one of the basic things that people get to learn when they start on computers. This online MCQ quiz is one in a series of tests designed for those users who want to test their knowledge in Microsoft Word.

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Microsoft office word 2007 test questions and answers free download.Microsoft Word 2007 Quiz: Would You Pass IT?


It first appeared in Office Table Line Spacing Shapes Header. The correct answer is Line Spacing. It helps to adjust the space between lines and paragraphs.

Moves the cursor to the beginning of Document Moves the cursor to the beginning of Line Moves the cursor to the beginning of Paragraph All of the above.

The correct answer is Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document. Esc Undo the previous action. Split the document window. F1 F2 F9 F The correct answer is F1. Key Points The Help button in Word is too small that will be easily ignored. The Help button stays in the top right corner of the window. Shortcut key F1 to enable the Help window. The correct answer is triple.

Key Points If you want to select the entire paragraph in MS Word then move the pointer to the left of the text and triple-click.

You can also select the paragraph but placing your cursor at the start of the paragraph and press the control shift and down arrow. Clicking on a particular text you will select the entire word in MS Word. If you want to select a particular line in MS Word then move your cursor to the left and click when an arrow appears.

Double-click on a sentence to select it is used to select a sentence in a paragraph in MS-Word. To select the current paragraph, triple-click on the paragraph.

To select a sentence and not just a line, hold down [ Ctrl] and click once in any place within the sentence. To select a vertical block of text, click at the start of the block. Later, hold down the [Shift] key and click a second time at the opposite end of the block. This trick is used when only want to copy one column of a tabular list Approach to find the difference in the shortcut These can be easily understood if you do it practically on MS word as it has very minute differences which you need to see while performing and reading each point.

Answer Detailed Solution Below Option 3 :. Edit View Format Tool. The correct answer is Tool. Key Points In software, a spell checker is a software feature that checks for misspellings in a text.

Spell-checking features are often embedded in software or services, such as a word processor, email client, electronic dictionary, or search engine. Alternatively, the spell check can also be performed by using the shortcut key F7. Additional Information Edit in Word is used to make changes to a document.

View in Microsoft Word gives you five different views of a document. Formatting text in Microsoft Word refers to controlling how text appears in your document. This includes the size, color, and font of the text. It also covers text alignment, spacing, and letter cases. Answer Detailed Solution Below Option 2 :. Excel file extension: Format Extension Excel Workbook. Font style Font Size Alignment.

The correct answer is Alignment. Microsoft Word provides for aligning text in paragraphs in four different ways — left alignment, right alignment, centre alignment and justified. Key Points The alignment feature comes under paragraph formatting. It is used for aligning the paragraph in left, right, centre or justifies positions. Which of the following operations adds content from the clipboard to your Word document?

The clipboard is usually temporary and unnamed, and its contents reside in the computer’s RAM. The clipboard provides an application programming interface by which programs can specify cut, copy and paste operations. Application programs may extend the clipboard functions that the operating system provides.

The Paste feature allows you to get a text from the clipboard and place it in the same or even another document. Which of the following views of MS Word shows the text as it appears in printed format without the headers and footers?

Key Points Headers and footers appear only in print layout view, print preview, and r ead mode view in printed documents. The “print layout” setting under the View menu is stored in each individual document. The draft view can be considered a “pared down” version of the Print Layout view. It allows you to generally see how your text will appear on paper.

This means you can see what each line will look like, how the text appears, and where the lines will break. You can also see where each page will break. Draft view of MS Word shows the text as it appears in printed format without the headers and footers. Hence the correct answer is the d raft view. In MS Word , how do we set the characters in the following manner ‘ diamond ‘?

True, In general, a footer is an area at the bottom of a document page containing data common to other pages. The information in footers may include page numbers, creation dates, copyrights, or references that appear on a single page, or on all pages. True , A header is a text that is placed at the top of a page , while a footer is placed at the bottom, or foot, of a page.

Typically these areas are used for inserting document information, such as the name of the document, the chapter heading, page numbers, creation date, and the like. Option 3: Page numbers can appear either at the top or the bottom of every page. True, Page numbers are usually placed in the header, footer, or side margin.

When you need to number some pages differently, Word allows you to restart page numbering. Option 4: A single document cannot have both Roman and Arabic numerals as page numbers. Hence the correct answer is A single document cannot have both Roman and Arabic numerals as page numbers.

Which of the following is best suitable to create, edit and save professional documents like letters and reports? Microsoft Word helps us to create documents such as letters and reports. Microsoft Word is software that allows us to create, store, edit, and print documents like official letters or academic tutorials, and so on. The Office button is found in the top-left corner of Excel, Word, and other Office program windows and looks like the picture.

When the Office button is clicked, many of the same options you’d see in the File menu, such as New, Open, Save, Print, etc. Which one of the following shortcut keys is used to copy a portion from a document in MS-Word ?

What do you call the distance between written text and the edge of a paper? Start Learning English English. India’s Super Teachers for all govt. The correct answer is Change Case. The case menu offers four options; Sentence case: It capitalizes the first letter of each sentence.

Lowercase: It changes the text from uppercase to lowercase. Uppercase: It capitalizes all the letters of your text. Capitalize Each Word: It capitalizes the first letter of each word. Get Started for Free Download App. MS Word MCQ Question 2: Which of the following terms refers to the situation when you send an e-mail to a recipient who does not exist and the e-mail is returned to you?

Answer Detailed Solution Below Option 1 : bounce. The correct answer is bounce. Key Points Bounce refers to the situation when you send an e-mail to a recipient who does not exist and the e-mail is returned to you.

A hard bounce means the email address is permanently unavailable and should not receive electronic mail. A soft bounce is temporary and may be caused by server outages or a full inbox. Most email service providers will designate soft bounces as hard bounces after three failed sends.

Subscript Pagination Underline Strikethrough. The correct answer is Strikethrough. Key Points Strikethrough is a font effect that causes text to appear as though it is crossed out. Strikethrough is primarily used to mark text that is mistaken or to be removed.

To apply Strikethrough: Select the text you want to strikethrough. The Font dialogue box appears. Press Enter. Additional Information A superscript or subscript is a number, figure, symbol, or indicator that is smaller than the normal line of type and is set slightly above it superscript or below it. Pagination is the process of separating print or digital content into discrete pages.

An underline is a section of text in a document where the words have a line running beneath them. Drop cap Superscript Subscript Strikethrough. The correct answer is Subscript.

Key Points While writing a chemical formula H 2 O, the number of molecules is denoted in the subscript form. There is a provision in Microsoft Office Word to write the number in the subscript form by using the ‘Subscript’ option. The tag defines the subscript text. Subscript text appears half a character below the normal line and is sometimes rendered in a smaller font.

Change Case. Change Word. Photo Manager B. Picture Manager C. Picture Editor D. Answer A. Yes B. Save B. Save As C. Auto Save D. Web Page B. Explorer C. FrontPage D.


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